Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK v1.12.673 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK v1.12.673 (Unlimited Money)

Name Dungeon: Age of Heroes
Size 83.77M
Version 1.12.673
Publisher Cantalooza Games LLC
Category Adventure
Updated On
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MOD Features Unlimited Money

Dungeons still instill fear in people. Exploring the land full of monsters, dungeons, and treasure would be a dreamland for adventure lovers. If you love adventure games, try Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK. 

In the gaming world of Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK, players will be given a job and an adventure to remember. Players can pick from four occupations available in the game and choose to be sworder, sniper, assassin, and magician.

These characters have different sets of abilities, and they have different types of advantages over others. You can discover the differences once you start playing the game. Pick the character that suits your style and start your adventure to explore the amazing world. 

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK

You must seek out the places and enter the dungeon to obtain the treasure. Be prepared, as the dungeons have dangerous and mythical creatures waiting for you. Fight with incoming waves of enemies and monsters. These bloodthirsty monsters have no regard for outsiders and will attack you on sight. The gaming environment is set in a 2D platform.

Controls of the game are relatively simple. Players need to touch the place on the screen where they want their character to be. To apply attack or defense, you need to touch the skill buttons. Every character has unique abilities, finds an amazing combination of skills, and discovers new ones. 

In the coming segment, we will discuss the story of the game.


Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Dungeon age of heroes mod apk is set in the declining world of Jatran kingdom. Evil forces have taken over the kingdom, and the future seems to be in the dark. You will assemble an army of heroes as a player and hero in the game. Travel through the kingdom with your army and uncover the secrets, destroy evil, gather treasure, and bring the world to an age of hope. 

Exploring a world full of monsters is more than just a one-person job; you will require a team of warriors. Start working with these warriors and learn about their abilities. Sharpen your skills and upgrade your abilities to last against evil. Once you learn how to use your team’s abilities, you can win even the toughest battles. This will be an exciting experience for players who love action and adventure. 

In the coming segment, we will discuss the gameplay. 


Dungeon: Age of Heroes

The gameplay Dungeon age of heroes mod apk holds many elements that will keep the players engaged. The controls are simple, and the action is simple tap and play. Dry different variations and beat waves of incoming monsters. Tapping the place on your screen to place a character would be best. Skills are displayed with detail. To use the skills, you need to tap on their dedicated icons and use them at the right time to give the most damage. An amazing display of in-game elements and simple controls has brought players from many age groups. 

Pick a Hero

Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Dungeon age of heroes mod apk has a few characters from which you can choose and start your journey. Each character has its unique abilities, styles, background, and shapes. For instance, Warrior is tall and muscular, which would be advantageous if you want to deal serious damage; on the other side, Archer is small, agile, and has an eye to hit even the moving target; then we have Mage, Rogue, and other characters. Pick a character that suits your style. 

If you want a smooth start in your journey, we recommend picking Archer as your starting character. Archer is swift and can deal damage from a distance. The Archer’s territory is also situated in the middle of the map. With a position at the central location, you can freely move in the direction you want. You can avoid tougher battles if you are located at the center. 

World Wide

Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Dungeon age of heroes mod apk has a vast land to explore. You will encounter countless dungeons, and if you can successfully raid them, you will be rewarded. Players will face many monsters and dangers, but that’s no excuse for stopping playing. We are looking at the endless opportunity on an enormous map. Explore the map on endless nights. You must be cunning to overcome the traps and strategies set up by monsters. This game will put your skills to the test. Can you use your powers at the right time? The battle arena is well-built, and you must find your way to get in and out of the dungeon. 

Fierce Monsters

Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Monsters and their evil plans rule dungeons. They will set up traps to capture or even kill you. Finding the courage to walk these dark places and face those fierce monsters would be best. If you have the strength and the will, you will overcome the challenges easily and emerge victorious as the night ends. Once in a while, you will encounter boss fights; you must be prepared to take on all of them with your team. Upgrade your attacks and give serious damage to your enemies. 

Complete Missions

Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Dungeon age of heroes mod apk has many missions and challenges for the players to complete. You are stepping into a world of madness and mystery. Can you overcome the challenges and claim the treasure? Remember to upgrade your weapons and items because they will only help you through hordes of monsters. 

Mod Features

Dungeon: Age of Heroes is an amazing action-adventure game full of monsters. The land of Jatran has many challenges, and sometimes acquiring the necessary resources for upgrades is tough. Try our mod version if you want to have limitless fun in the game. With our mod version of Dungeon: Age of Heroes APK, you will get these additional features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK v1.12.673

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK is a game for adventure enthusiasts. Players will explore the kingdom of Jatran, which is filled with monsters and treasure. Enter the dungeon with your army and claim the treasure after defeating monsters. If you liked our mod version of the game, remember to check out our other exciting modded applications and games. 

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