Blade Master Mod Apk v0.1.28 (High Reward) Download

Blade Master Mod Apk v0.1.28 (High Reward) Download

Name Blade Master
Size 47.13M
Version 0.1.28
Publisher Badsnowball Limited
Category Arcade
Updated On
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MOD Features High Reward

Blade Master Mod APK is an addictive mini-title. Players will find themselves in the world of monsters, and an adventure awaits them. The game’s main task is defeating the monster king and his minions. Players will find themselves in different surroundings and threats from monsters.

Blade Master Mod Apk

Challenge yourself in these multi-dimensional levels and fight against a variety of monsters. Once you become the master of the blade, no enemy can stand against you. Keep fighting monsters and use the reward to give yourself an upgrade. Enjoy fighting monsters with unique weapons in a vivid environment to provide an immersive experience.


In the game, you will be the ultimate blade master on his journey to defeat all monsters. You will encounter endless waves of enemies, monsters, and threats trying to take you down. The story aims to kill the ultimate monster king and save the world.

In the forthcoming segments, we will discuss the features of the game.

Simple and Addictive Gameplay

Blade Master mod apk has simple gameplay. The main gameplay is straightforward; you need to fight incoming enemy waves. Choose your hero, get into the battleground, and lead them to victory. Enjoy the one-finger control to evade the enemies and perform lethal takedown actions. With a single touch, you can control the movements and attacks of the hero.

Explore Interesting Maps

Blade master mod apk features hundreds of maps for the players to explore. A journey through the world of monsters. Players will find themselves in an interesting challenge on each map and a series of monster waves to take down. Take down monsters, upgrade your weapons, and restore order in the realm. Once in a while, you will end up in a boss fight, be well-equipped if you want to defeat these miniature bosses.

A Challenge

In the game Blade Master mod apk, you will face different challenges. The game will introduce obstacles and monsters you must overcome in every new land. It would help to be careful of the enemies, as each has different abilities and powers. Fight in unique terrains and devise a tactic to make the best use of terrain while staying away from the threats. Each level will be an opportunity if you know how to use the terrain.

Taking Down Bosses

Blade master mod apk features many boss fights. If you can successfully defeat a few levels of minions, you will get level with a boss fight. Fights with bosses will be tough, as they are ruthless and capable of inflicting serious damage. You have to be well-equipped and develop a strategy if you want to take down bosses. An exciting boss fight awaits you; show your skills and take them down.

Many Heroes

Blade master has multiple heroes that you can choose from. Each hero has a different set of abilities and powers. You can pick a hero and start your journey. Each hero possesses different blades like you have fire or ice blades that can pierce through enemies. To inflict serious damage, you can pick thunder blades.

Keep moving forward in the story; you will gather enough resources to unlock new blades and heroes. You can change the hero while you are progressing through the story. If you find your ideal hero, you can upgrade them. Unlock their new abilities and increase their power with each upgrade.

Boosters and Buffers

Blade master mod apk has elements that can help you during a fight. Players can pick buffers and boosters located in different sections of the map. These buffers can help you overcome life-threatening situations. Use boosters to speed up your spinning blade to deal great damage. Enhance the blade powers so you can easily slice through enemies. Collect extra lives to have an extra chance at challenging levels. This way, you can overcome different situations that the game presents.

Partner to Assist

Blade master mod apk has many surprising elements. Players can enjoy the gameplay’s fun with simple graphics and intuitive controls. You can call out your battle partner to assist you in difficult situations. Summon partners with awesome powers that can help you in different situations. These powers will be helpful once you deal with endless enemy waves. Wait for the crucial moment and change the battle with your partner. You will find many elements that can help you emerge victorious besides tactics and powers. You will know more once you start playing the game.


Blade master mod apk has a leaderboard where you defeat enemies to gain ranks. You can compete with your friends once you get connected to the game. Players worldwide are fighting the monster to restore peace and secure their position on the leaderboard. You can challenge other blade masters once you get on their level.

Graphics and Sound

Blade master mod apk gameplay is set in a 2D environment. The game has simple and undemanding graphics, which works well on every android phone. The environment is well-lit and has a colorful design. You will enjoy the action sequence and the beautiful representation of different in-game situations.

The game features a catchy and interactive sound experience. You will get hooked on the post-action sound effects and distinct representations of attacks. You can hear your metallic blade slashing through the enemies; the same can be said for special attacks.

Mod Features

The game blade master will take you on a miniature version of the monster world. The game features many levels. It’s enjoyable, yet you need help to gather resources for upgrades as you progress in the story. If you want a way to have endless fun in the game, try our mod version. With our mod of Blade Master APK, you will get the following features-

  • Huge Rewards
  • Energy Archive

Download Blade Master Mod Apk v0.1.28

Blade Master Mod APK will take you on an adventure in the monster world. Face endless incoming waves of enemies set in different levels. Unlock new abilities and take your partner to defeat the warmonger bosses. Set on your journey to becoming the ultimate blade master. If you liked our mod version of the game, remember to check out our other exciting modded applications and games.

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