Subway Surfers MOD APK v3.12.2 (Unlimited Coins & Keys)

Subway Surfers MOD APK v3.12.2 (Unlimited Coins & Keys)

Name Subway Surfers
Size 152.72M
Version 3.12.2
Publisher SYBO Games
Category Arcade
Updated On
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MOD Features Unlimited Coins & Keys

Mobile gaming has become a new zone for gamers to explore. Many play it for fun, and some choose to get competitive. No wonder what the audience is; what would a game be if it isn’t limitless fun? And one of those addictive categories includes endless running games, where you are just playing for the fun. As you go further down the run, it will become more challenging. Then it goes without saying it will make any player competitive and addicted to the gameplay. 

This is the thing about casual games, and you can choose your pace to progress through the game. It’s just a matter of time before you get good at them. We have brought one of such games that you will be most happy being addicted to; it’s loved worldwide and can suit your competitive play style. Let’s take a look at Subway Surfer Mod APK. 

Subway Surfers MOD APK

Subway Surfers is a running game that best fits the genre of casual or endless running. This game features the playable character as energetic teenagers doing their things, painting walls with graffiti, going around the railway tracks, etc. The game starts with one such teenager getting caught doing graffiti on one of the trains. You need to outrun the catching policeman and his dog.

However, it’s an endless run you’ll be rewarded for your efforts wonderfully. It is available on Android, iOS, windows, and kindle. No matter what platform you switch to, you can always come back to enjoy the game. It gets more interesting as the game also includes perks, and you can choose to switch to other playable characters.

Show your skills to dodge the obstacles, run over the trains, and avoid the incoming ones. Try to keep up with obstacles as the speed of the player increases as one gains distance in the game. Also, you can collect coins as you run around the obstacles and progress through the game. Let’s look at the game in more detail in the following section.

Features of Subway Surfers MOD APK

Endless Running

Subway Surfers

Subway surfer has an endless running track, where you have to get past any obstacles to get to a high score. The progress is cumulative of how far you can go in every run and the coins you collect. This gets more interesting as you can overcome the obstacle easier by picking the perks and gadgets. 

The policeman and his dog are never going to be too far behind. Make sure you don’t bump into the obstacles, or they will get too close to you. The closer they get easier it will be to catch you; one mistake, and you will be caught if the cop gets too close to you. 

Many Characters

In the game, you will find many energetic teenage players that you can unlock as you progress through the game. They all have different capabilities that allow you to pick your gaming style with your favourite character. Also, there are premium characters that you can unlock by purchasing them. Premium characters have more perks and skills. You can overcome obstacles easily if you have them. 


You can pick up a jetpack when you are on the run to fly high over the trains in the game. Jetpack only works for a little distance, and you can focus on picking many coins while you are using it as there are no obstacles to avoid. You can also buy the jetpack with coins from the store. Also, there’s no police officer while you’re using the jetpack, and you can also look over the obstacles. 

Coin Magnet

This perk gives you the power to collect all the coins. It’s very cool and can be handy if you like to try things out of the store. While holding the coin magnet, it will automatically collect the coins for you. A coin magnet even collects the coins from the surrounding tracks, which gives you the freedom to choose the path with fewer obstacles and get rewarded equally. 

Super Sneakers

Super sneaker is an amazing gadget in Subway surfer mod apk. You will feel jumpy while running. This gadget helps you jump high; it can even help you easily jump over the highest obstacle. You can find this on the tracks; make sure to look for gadgets and perks to make the game easier. 

Upgradable Items

Subway Surfers

All the items in the game are upgradable. Upgrading items can increase their usage time or powers; you can upgrade any items with coins. You can even find them frequently on the tracks if you keep upgrading them. 

MOD Features

Even the gameplay is really fun, but it can get your nerves to collect coins to upgrade items. Not only this, but the mod version can also take care of other issues for you. Here’s the list of mod features that you will get-

  • Unlimited Coins: This will help you buy any items in the store without effort. You can pick cool items without sweating and spending hours gaining them. 
  • Unlimited Keys: Keys allow you to resume the run even if you are caught. Unlimited keys will provide you to resume running endlessly. 
  • No ads: We all know how annoying ads are, so we removed them for you. 
  • Unlocked Characters and Items: Now, the only difficulty will be to choose the most amazing one for the run. 

With every object in the game easily available to you with our Subway Surfer mod apk, you can truly explore your potential in the game. This will make you get used to the game easily if you are new to this gaming style. 

Download Subway Surfers MOD APK v3.12.2

Subway Surfer mod apk is an amazing version of the original version that will make it more enjoyable for you. You can now pick any character you want and upgrade the items in the game endlessly to make it more fun. Pick different outfits and gadgets for every run; set higher and higher scores. I hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we loved modding it for you.

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