Azur Lane Mod APK v6.3.14 (Damage & Defense Multiplier)

Azur Lane Mod APK v6.3.14 (Damage & Defense Multiplier)

Name Azur Lane
Size 868.01M
Version 6.3.14
Publisher Yostar
Category Action
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PlayStore is gaining more creative games over time. Some set out to combine different genres in the game. At the same time, some use their imagination to set a unique combination like that in Angry Birds, where developers combined birds and tower defense. 

Yostar Limited is an amazing studio known for testing bold ideas. They have brought you a game that features amazing battles and gives you one of the best action experiences that a game can provide on an android device. Get ready to dive into battleships shooting game – Azur Lane Mod APK. The game is designed using amazing anime-style characters and an action sequence that boys of all ages will love. Follow us to the next article segment to learn about the game in detail. 

Azur Lane Mod APK

Azur Lane Mod APK will provide you with an amazing action sequence. The game features a deadly combination of beautiful female anime characters and great warships. Please don’t mistake the girl’s appearance. They are deadly commanders capable of redirecting the course of the war. 

The game has succeeded because of its great game flow and character design. You will find many interactive and customization features in the game. Choose your weapons and warship from a large arsenal and dive into the battlefield—form tactics to overcome difficult situations during the Azur Lane wars. 


Azur Lane Mod APK is set in a world war theme, where the involved countries want absolute control over the world. Set up in the game is unique; the two countries, Germany and Japan, have no regard for the war front; they are ready to engulf the whole world. The combats get even more exciting when alien war technology is introduced in the battle. To ensure the best possible outcome for the world, the most powerful nations, namely the US, Germany, the UK, and Japan, have allied. The war has broken out, and we must see who will come out victorious. 

RPG with a twist

The game offers an intense RPG experience, which gets more exciting as the studio has combined 2D shooter and tactical genres. Much attention has been paid to the detail, and the game will greet the players with beautiful animations. 


In the Azur lane mod apk, you can control the flow of battle with automated or manual controls. It would be best if you understood battle flow by opting for automated controls at first. Once you understand the gameplay, you can use manual controls to have an immersive experience. You can further master control by setting controls to your preference, ensuring that operations are flawless and precise. 

6-Star Ship for Free

Azur lane mod apk has a huge collection of ships. Try unlocking a 5-star ship to understand how rare a 6-star ship is. It takes a lot of work to collect enough resources to get an advanced battleship as much as a 6-star. You can spend weeks trying to unlock an advanced battleship and might end up with a stroke of bad luck. However, if you are consistent for a week, the game awaits a beautiful 6-star ship for you to operate. Go out with full force once you obtain it. 

Boost your Equipment

The customization extent in the game is quite fascinating. Generally, the game has options to upgrade the ship. In the game, you can take upgradation one step further, and you will be provided options to upgrade the equipment. Players can upgrade all types of equipment, and as a result, you will have a more destructive ship. Players can collect the resources necessary for upgrading ships and weapons in rewards at the end of missions. Remember to check the condition of the battleship after every fight, and enhance further to have the upper hand on the enemy. 

Level of Participation

Tough battles will give you better rewards. If you can upgrade to a level of 70, you will be able to participate in the highest level of competition. Important resources in the game are the steel box, the equipment boxes, and the enhancement components. You can collect them daily and reward them with special gifts at events. The quality of the resource cache is determined by the level of commander you are operating. You can participate in the highest level daily event after level 70. You will find the best rewards in daily events, such as a high amount of gold, skill books, and equipment boxes. 


Azur Lane Mod APK has a huge collection of battleships. At least two battleships must be leveled. Battleships are more advanced than carriers. Battleships can mount auxiliary cannons to defend themselves against suicide boxes. Cannons are also useful to inflict a high amount of damage to fight bosses. Once you progress in the game, make sure you have at least one power ship per fleet for late-game maps. To achieve the best results, carry two battleships, one for the escort fleet and one for the boss fleet. 

Develop your Fleet

Azur Lane Mod APK gives you various options to dominate the battlefield. You can choose from a collection of ships, with over 300 of them. Once you get a hold of playstyle, try battling with different ships to understand better what works for you. If you have mastered control over one ship, you can further enhance it to get better results. A good tactic and upgraded ships will help you emerge victorious, even in tougher situations. You can enjoy further by upgrading and equipping weapons of mass destruction. Customize your warhead to your heart’s desires. 

Mod Features

Azur Lane is going to provide you with intense gameplay and exciting battles. The game offers many battleships and a cool collection of weapons. If you want unlimited fun in the game, try our mod version. You will have additional features with our mod version of Azur Lane APK.

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Purchase
  • Mod Menu

Download Azur Lane Mod APK v6.3.14 for Android

Azur Lane Mod APK features exciting battles with amazing female anime characters. The fancy combination of girls and warships keeps you engaged for hours. If you liked our mod version of the game, remember to check out our other exciting modded applications and games. 

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