Pokémon Go MOD APK v0.271.2 (Fake GPS & Unlimited Coins)

Pokémon Go MOD APK v0.271.2 (Fake GPS & Unlimited Coins)

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Version 0.271.2
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MOD Features Fake GPS

You know why you are here. Released in 2016, Pokémon GO has been the craze in the gaming world. Niantic, Nintendo, and Pokémon studio developed this Augmented Reality (AR) game in collaboration with Android and iOS systems.

Pokémon Go MOD APK

Essentially, it is an AR game based on an actual location where players can catch Pokémon on their mobile phones. Pokémon was already a big established company and brand, especially after the release of its shows in the 90s and 2000s. Many adults grew up watching Pokémon in their childhood. Now they are getting a chance to play their favourite game in the real world. 

After the release, the game went viral. It broke multiple records and had multiple downloads within a few months of its release. Massive crowds of players were roaming all around, trying to catch Pokémon. This phenomenon was seen all over the world. US, Europe, Japan, India, and almost everyone was caught in the rush to catch the best Pokémon.

It was never seen before, not at such a large scale. And it affected the real world also. Many local shops and cafes have increased in business because a Pokémon was present in their locality, so players visited their shops. Even important tourist spots like Japan’s Tohuku region (affected by Tsunami) got a lot of new tourists because of the presence of rare Pokémons.

If you have lived under a rock for the last five years and haven’t played the game, you should check this article to know why you should play  Pokémon Go and consider downloading the Pokémon Go Mod APK version. 

Features of Pokemon Go MOD APK

Journey into the world of Pokémon

You will have to capture Pokémon by throwing Poke Ball at them in the game. Apart from catching them all, you can train your Pokémon in the gym and fight other trainers. As you start catching, training, and fighting more and more, you will progress in the world. As you win fights, you will get coins as a reward. 

Variety of Pokémon

Pokémon brand had hundreds of Pokémon plus new ones introduced in this game. You can find them on the game map as you move around in the real world. There are many Pokémon present in this game available for you to catch. They are diversified based on their types, stars, and rarity. Use your Pokedex to know about the different types.

Pokedex is the knowledge database device of this game. You will be to see data on all the Pokémon, their strength and weakness. Catch them by flicking the Pokeball over them on screen. But you need to power up your character, or the Pokémon will get loose even if you do a successful throw.

Train and evolve your Pokémon

When you catch a Pokémon, you will have the opportunity to train and evolve your Pokémon. There are virtual gyms available in the game maps, which you can use to train. Evolving your Pokémon will increase their stats. These evolved Pokémon will fight in arenas and tournaments and help you take on the world.

Get into epic fight modes.

A variety of fight arenas and tournaments are present all over the game map. Enter these challenges with your evolved Pokémon to win rewards and coins. A pro tip is to get diverse types of Pokémon in your bag. Each type of Pokémon has particular strengths and weaknesses, which you can use against your opponent.

Charmander is a fire type and can be defeated by Bulbasaur because it’s water-type Pokémon. Same way, Pikachu being an electricity type, can defeat Bulbasaur easily. You can also participate in the Raid fight modes. Here, you will get a chance to fight against several opponents. Also, there is a big chance to win a legendary Pokémon.

Go to become the true Pokémon Master.

If you were a big-time fan of the Pokémon series and always wanted to experience the feeling of becoming the one true Pokémon Master? Then this game is there to fill your childhood dream. Capture wild Pokémon and then train them to fight in arenas. As you progress in Pokémon Go, you will climb the rankings in the world. With the arsenal of evolved and rare Pokémon, you can take on the world to defeat strong enemies. And achieve the dream of becoming the best Pokémon trainer.

An interactive world full of events

In the latest feature, the developers have introduced Events. It’s a special time-based challenge where you can meet up with other players. Also, you will be able to capture the event-based Pokémon type and win bigger rewards in fights. So, participate in the Pokémon GO Events to get those extra boosts to your ultimate goal.

You can also visit Pokestop. These are marked with little blue dots in-game map, where you can visit to upgrade your chest and buy more Pokeball or Pokémon eggs.

MOD Features

The gameplay of Pokémon GO is very immersive and has been quite popular for a while. But collecting the coins takes a lot of time to help you progress further. 

If you want faster progress in the game, then you should consider downloading the Pokémon GO Mod APK from below, as it will solve many of your problems.

  • Unlimited Coins: As said before, coins are the most important part of the game to progress. You can use unlimited coins from this Mod to upgrade yourself faster without waiting for hours.
  • Remove Ads: This Mod will remove all the distractions from annoying ads.
  • Fake GPS: This Mod will help by providing a GPS, which you can use to go in the correct direction using the shortest route
  • Unlocked Pokémon: Why should you wait to unlock rare Pokémon slowly when you can use this Mod to do it instantly.

Download Pokémon GO MOD APK v0.271.2

We all know Pokémon GO has become such a massive game in terms of its scope. And that is why you need to use the Pokémon GO Mod APK version. Remember, some players have been playing this game since 2016. Use this Mod version to get ahead of them, and beat them using your ultimate Pokémon skills.

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