Project QT MOD APK v17.0 (God Mode) Download

Project QT MOD APK v17.0 (God Mode) Download

Name Project QT
Size 847.94M
Version 17.0
Publisher Nutaku
Category NSFW
Updated On
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MOD Features GOD Mode

The gaming community has seen lots of amazing ideas transcend into gameplay. Mixing multiple genres and creating a storyline has given new meaning to games. We can now find many mixed genres of games on PlayStore that people love. You might have played Temple Run, Vector, Angry Birds, etc. These games combine multiple genres and give a good gaming experience to players. PlayStore is a great place to get all your games, but some other marketplaces also have a good collection. 

One of the popular gaming marketplaces besides PlayStore is Nutaku. Nutaku was originally a website that used to host online games; in recent years, they have launched mobile games. The games you will find on Nutaku are more adult-themed, targeting and providing unique experiences to adults. If you are looking for mature games, visit the Nutaku store. 

Today we have brought you one amazing suggestion from Nutaku that will provide you entertaining gaming experience. Project QT Mod APK is a puzzle-adventure game where you fight space viruses and save the planet. You will find many amazing characters joining you in the adventure. Discover amazing powers and possibilities in the game. 

Follow us to the next segment to learn more about the game. 

Project QT MOD APK

Project QT mod apk is a game of mixed genres, and it beautifully combines puzzles and combat. The main goal of the game is to fight viruses from other dimensions. The game dynamics are engaging, and you must collect as many match elements as possible to defeat your enemies. If you are good with tactics, you can battle with new characters or summon them while fighting. 

You will get to play with amazing characters that have different powers. Use the characters’ power to take advantage of the situation. The game is designed for a male audience in general, and you will find many attractive female characters. It has a simulation touch to the gameplay as you can interact with these characters personally. 

In the coming segment, we will discuss the story of this game. 


Project QT mod apk has a unique story set in a mystical environment. You will face monsters and girls with special magical abilities—the game features. You will work with extra-terrestrial women to save the planet from monsters set out to destroy the planet earth. The whole environment is set up in puzzle-combat gameplay. 

In the next segment, we will discuss the features of this game. 

Build a Strong Squad

Project qt mod apk has amazing monsters that characters must fight by building their squad. Another notable thing about the gameplay is there are counter-character attributes. There are four attributes: water, lighting, wind, and fire; one hits back or counters the other by dealing damage. If you learn to work with attributes, you can easily defeat enemies with the right tactics. Work on ways to counter-hit the enemies with different attributes, and you don’t need to sweat the fights. 

Besides fighting the monsters in campaigns, you can compete in the PvP system. In the PvP mode, you will fight against other squads, and the battles will be intense, involving various factors. Build your squad consisting of strong characters, and upgrade their abilities. You will get plenty of options to choose from while forming a squad, which means the game might come down to tactics while facing an equally strong opponent. 

Destroy the Enemies Appearing Before You

Project qt mod apk has a good difficulty system. You will be facing stronger opponents as you progress in the game. The game will give you attributes that your squad has and the enemies hold, and then you need to devise a tactic to crush your enemies. On the left side of the screen, you will find numbers that indicate the number of times a character can match. The full frontal attack of the whole squad will unleash when the matching number is exhausted. 

The deciding factor of matches can be collecting match elements while playing. In some cases, you might need help to take advantage of match boosters. It’s tough to work on the field if it changes due to battles, and the players need to change lineups to face enemies constantly. 

Space Viruses

Project qt mod apk sets the task of saving planet earth from viruses entering outer space. A failed science experiment put humanity in grave danger, scientists opened a black hole, and these deadly viruses entered the planet. To deal with this situation, you need to team up with a squad of beautiful girls to deal with the enemies and restore peace in the world. 

The gameplay allows players to make their strategy and deal with the enemies. There are no set ways to defeat enemies like in other games. The screen is divided into two sides; on one side, you will match elements, and on the other, your enemies. Make a good tactic and unleash havoc on your enemies. 

Special Events

Project qt mod apk has gained popularity over the years because many special events are happening in the game. Some events are juicier than others. A few upgrades introduced the concept of unlocking backstories. You can know the backstories of your favorite characters by completing tasks set in those events. 

Some new elements let the players have personal interaction with other in-game characters. You will receive special rewards if you log in to the game during special periods. You can use these rewards to upgrade your character. Also, the game is mature-themed, so there are chances of intimacy in the game as well. 

Mod Features

Project QT features amazing match-making and intense battle elements. The game has a good pace, but the upgrades and matches get difficult as the story progresses. Also, collecting the resources to unlock hidden elements can be challenging. If you want to have limitless fun in the game, give our mod apk a try. With our mod version of Project QT apk, you will have the following features for free. 

  • Menu on Battle
  • HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
  • Auto Win
  • Enemy Kill
  • Next Turn
  • SKill Ready
  • Change every stone to the color of choice
  • Change every stone to a Block of choice

Download Project QT MOD APK v17.0

Project qt mod apk features impressive battles based on tactics in a puzzle environment. Team up with special characters to fight space viruses. If you liked our mod version of the game, remember to check our other modded games and applications. 

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