Slap Kings MOD APK v1.5.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Slap Kings MOD APK v1.5.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Name Slap Kings
Size 146.59M
Version 1.5.2
Publisher Lion Studios
Category Action
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MOD Features Unlimited Coins

Sports games are one of the most exciting genres of gaming. You can find many video game adaptations of popular sports on PlayStore. These games are engaging, have good physics, and bring you the excitement of matches as you play them. We can also see new sports that are getting popular. People love new concepts of having fun and exploring these sports. We can see competitions like lemon races, arm wrestling, slap competitions, and other games getting popular these days. People played them in some parts of the world, and now they’re getting recognition across the globe. 

These new kinds of sports have exciting ways to engage the audience. Developers realize the potential of these games and are now giving these games a video game adaptation. Many games have come to PlayStore, and you will find many more games soon. Today we have brought to you one such game that brings you the joy of slap competition. This game brings the animation style of slap competition to life and is perfect for playing in your free time. Slap Kings mod apk is a turn-based combat game. The game has a simple rule, and that’s all you need to know – slap or get slapped. If you can slap your opponent hard enough, you won’t get slapped, and to know more about what this game holds for gamers, follow us to the next segment. 

Slap Kings MOD APK

Slap Kings mod apk has a simple gameplay style, slap or get slapped. This turn-based game will bring you the joy of slapping competition. With the comical gameplay style, this game packs a lot of fun—a perfect game to enjoy your short breaks and laugh it out. With amazing animations and presentation style, you’ll get addicted to it in no time. This game is amazing because you can also enjoy it offline. 

To beat the opponents, you need strength and timing. If you time your slaps well, you can deal maximum damage. This game will put your skills to the test. This game has its gameplay style. You’re going to land in an epic match-up and different challenges. If you can overcome the difficulties, you can send your opponent flying out of the ring with the knockout blow. 

Easy to Slap

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What we mean by easy to slap is that slap kings mod apk has easy controls. When you’re in matchmaking, you will constantly find a pointer moving over the power gauge. You’ll slap your opponent with maximum power if you touch the screen at the right time and the pointer lands in the blue zone. If you’re against tough opponents, make sure you deal more damage in multiple rounds to win the match.

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Characters playing have health bars indicated at the top of the screen. The health bar strength varies by character. This game is turn-based, so both players will get a fair chance of slapping their opponent. Your health decreases with every slap, and the more powerful your strike, the faster you win the match. 

Character Upgrade

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Slap kings mod apk has various playable characters with their features. You can choose your favorite character and customize/upgrade them as you progress in the game. The game has a good reward system; if you win the matches, you’ll be rewarded with gold coins and other relevant rewards. You can use these gold coins or resources if you want to upgrade your character. You can give your character two upgrades: power and health. 

Health: Your health indicates the amount of damage you can take. As the game progresses, you are going to fight opponents that are capable of dealing serious damage. So, keep upgrading your health to withstand the blow. 

Power: This bar indicates the amount of damage you can give your opponents. Upgrading this will increase your chance of victory against tough opponents. 

Become the Slap King

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The goal of the game is to become the slap king. The Slap Kings mod apk has a line of opponents you will play against. Keep defeating these opponents to become the slap king. You’ll need skills to defeat many opponents, and the game will test your strength and timing skills. Keep upgrading your character and hit your opponents with the power to claim the title. 

Interesting Design

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Slap kings mod apk has simple gameplay, and people keep wondering how this got popular among players. It’s not about what you’re going to do in the game, and it’s a light-hearted, entertaining game with many surprising elements. 

If we’re talking about the fun elements of the game, we need to mention the amazing comical characters you’d be facing. Match-making will not always place you against athletes; the game will challenge you to defeat fish, sandbags, bricks, watermelons, and other fun characters. Other times you’re going to face thugs, fat guys, teachers, masters of martial arts, and lots of personalities. So, get ready to slap tight these comical people. 

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Another element in the game that makes it interesting is the animations. You will unlock amazing animations if you’re skilled enough to time your strikes. A well-timed strike will make your opponent face a roundhouse slap, a jump slap, and other fun animations you will see once you try the game. 

To back all this up, you’ll have fun listening to the game’s funny music and sound effects. 

Mod Features

The journey of becoming the ultimate slapper in Slap Kings is not going to be an easy one. The player will face more tough opponents as they progress in the game. Gaining resources is also going to be difficult. If you’re looking for a way to ease up your journey of Slap King, you should give our mod version of Slap Kings a try. You will get the following additional features with our game mod version. 

  • Unlimited Money
  • Characters Unlocked. 

Slap Kings MOD APK v1.5.2 Download

Slap kings mod apk will bring you the joy of slapping comical characters. This game is the perfect way to enjoy your short breaks. Face funny comical characters and upgrade your character to defeat tougher opponents. We hope that you like our mod version of Slap Kings. For more exciting modded games and applications, keep visiting us in the future. 

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