The Sword of Rhivenia MOD APK v1.0.6 (Full Unlocked)

The Sword of Rhivenia MOD APK v1.0.6 (Full Unlocked)

Name The Sword of Rhivenia
Size 5.78M
Version 1.0.6
Publisher Hosted Games
Category Role Playing
Updated On
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MOD Features Full Unlocked

The Android gaming community is expanding day by day, and new players are switching to this new popular platform. Developers are equally working hard to keep us entertained with new gaming experiences. It’s not an easy task to make a game, and many popular studios are now starting the production of mobile games as well. Since most smartphone users use the android platform, it’s fun to be part of a large community with active gamers. Some people choose to engage with dedication, and others are working their way up to master skills. The idea behind gaming on android devices is that you can get back at it anytime, anywhere you want to. 

If you’re an android gamer, you might have seen that the game with the highest rating from users and critics is the one with a unique game style. This gaming experience brings a new kind of joy to the players. It’s easy to learn to play these fun and unique games. Today we have brought you one such game with excellent reviews on PlayStore: The Sword of Rhivenia Mod APK. Dive into the engaging story that holds various experiences for you. To know more about this game, follow us to the next segment of the article. 

The Sword of Rhivenia MOD APK

The Sword of Rhivenia mod apk is unique in every way. There are few games available with this style on the PlayStore, and this is a roleplaying game. You will love this game as it has excellent reviews from the players. This game is gaining popularity day by day on the PlayStore. It’s not one of those graphical games-like choices that give you a pictorial presentation of what’s going on in the player’s life. Most of the game is just text. You read the story, assess the situation, and decide to navigate the story to an end. 

This is one of those games where you sit back and enjoy the game at your own pace. That doesn’t necessarily mean you get bored while playing it; on the contrary, you will love to engage in this amazing story of brothers. Give this unique game a try; if you want to know the story of this game, follow us to the next segment. 


The Sword of Rhivenia mod apk is based on the story of three brothers. The fate of Rhivenia was given an unknown direction when the war happened. As fate works, nobody knows who would be the king, and it was a time of many insecurities. Ultimately the sword chose Prince Charles to rule. But as greedy as the brothers were, they wanted the throne for themselves. The battle finally broke out between the brothers, and Prince Charles successfully managed to win that war. As the rightful king of the three kingdoms, he made the right decision to execute the traitor who once acted against the state’s interest. 

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The story then takes us to the peaceful times when the king lived with his two wives and spent most of his days with his four children. You’ll play as one of the heirs who may be chosen as the next king if Charles dies. Do you think you’re worthy of the throne? What kind of decisions are you going to make? Let’s find out once you get to play the game. 

In the next segment, we will talk about this game’s features. 

Engaging Story

The Sword of Rhivenia mod apk is based on the novel by Ayan Mammadil in medieval times. You’re going on a fantasy journey to work your way up to the throne, or do you think your sibling is more worthy? Let’s not forget that the game has a good length and will take you many hours to complete. It has 7,50,000 words of an interactive story. You’re looking at a timeless journey that will fuel your brain to think as an aristocrat. Be careful with your decision, as it might put you in tough situations. Please think twice before you make interactions, as they hold new possibilities. You can even start a family in this game. This game will keep you engaged for hours on end, and the best part about playing this roleplaying game is that you can complete it at your own pace. 

Gaming Screen

The Sword of Rhivenia mod apk is a text-based role-playing game. A powerful engine fuels text-based games and that is imagination. If these games can successfully engage the players, they can provide an amazing experience. The game connects well with the players. It has a good way of presenting the story, and the texts are arranged in an easily readable way. The overall representation is excellent, and you won’t miss any details in the story. Find out more possibilities in the engaging environment of the game. The game doesn’t have a pictorial representation of the situations, making it very lightweight and won’t take up any extra space on your device. 

Tough Choices

The Sword of Rhivenia Mod APK is a game that will give an engaging experience to all its players. The fun part about this game is that you can play this game at your speed. Relax back and think about how things will play out for you. This game puts you in a situation to think in the interest of the throne, even if that means going against your brother. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifice and make tough decisions? Be ready to play in medieval times and come out victorious. 

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Mod Features

The Sword of Rhivenia has a unique gaming experience. The story is very engaging, but the game has in-app purchases. You need to spend money to unlock all segments of the story. Though, if you play our mod version of the game, you don’t need to worry about paying to unlock the game. With our mod version of The Sword of Rhivenia apk you will get the following additional features:

  • Free Purchases
  • All unlocked
  • Boosted

Download The Sword of Rhivenia MOD APK v1.0.6

The Sword of Rhivenia Mod APK will get you on a fantasy journey in the Rhivenia, where things are not that favorable. Make decisions that are in your interest and act in the best way for the kingdom. You can even be the king if you will. If you like this mod, don’t forget to check our other modded applications and games. 

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