Zombie Tsunami Mod APK v4.5.128 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK v4.5.128 (Unlimited Money)

Name Zombie Tsunami
Size 73.23M
Version 4.5.128
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Category Action
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MOD Features Unlimited Money

Zombies are scary creatures; infecting others and eating brains isn’t a picture that people like to look at. It’s one of the popular genres both in games and movies. We can find many adaptations of zombie games on the Android platform. Not to mention, when we think of zombies, our instant reaction turns on our survival mode. Either run away from those mindless hunters or prepare to take them down with ammunition. 

What if…? We were not fighting to save our lives; on the other hand, we got to play as zombies and attack the cities. It’s easy to guess that we are talking about controlling a horde of zombies and attacking cities. Today we have brought a game that will provide you with first-hand experience of taking over the city by working as a zombie. 

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is an amazing endless runner game that allows you to wreak havoc in a city with the help of zombies. You will play as one of the zombies, and the task is to take over the city. This endless running game will give you a chance to take over a city or many cities. It’s just a matter of time before we infect everyone. 

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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Zombie Tsunami mod apk brings you the world of hilarious zombies wreaking havoc in the city. It’s an endless running game that is played in one-player mode. Mobigame brought you a new world to explore. You are controlling one to dozens of zombies running in the city. Try to score more points to unlock amazing rewards, and beware of the pitfalls they may lose you, zombies. 

The game features a great number of monsters, and you can pick from them to take over the city. The game aims to turn everyone into zombies and take over the city. Unique monsters will help you reach your goal faster, and remember to be a cautious increasing number of zombies are hard to control. It’s going to be critical at a fast pace. How long can you keep up?

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Make a Powerful Army of Monsters

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami mod apk will give you an exciting endless run of making monsters. The best part about the game is the increasing difficulty; as you progress in taking over the city, the difficulty gradually increases. To keep the gameplay more exciting, there are many different monsters to control. 

Once you start running and taking over the city, there’s no break time. Always be careful of the obstacles and things you are approaching. The increase in the number of zombies will make it easier for you to control the city. There’s a disadvantage to controlling many zombies; they are hard to control, and you risk losing them. The game is based on a casual, fun theme, but you must be careful. The game has increasing difficulty, and it will be hard to achieve high scores if you don’t have a strategy. 

Modifiers in the Game

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami mod apk has many exciting elements that make it one of the most loved games. The game features running through the city and taking care of pits and obstacles to take control. The game has a supporting system that can help you overcome difficulties. Modifiers in the game are listed below. 

  • GiantZ (Giant Zombie): With a giant body, using a laser. It can destroy everything on the go. 
  • Ninja: Ninja zombie special ability in jumping twice in a row with great damage. Combining the legendary Katana sword, the Player can take down many challenges. 
  • Quarterback: This is one of the most powerful characters, the only weakness in potholes, and it can take care of the rest. 
  • Tsunami: This is the highest form of skill (skill), so it becomes a game symbol. Press continuously to raise the tsunami to add more troops and bonuses.
  • Dragon: Strength flying high to avoid bad roads, but you need to pay attention to avoid bombs. Each segment is equivalent to 1 zombie; when colliding will lose each segment.
  • Balloon: Player can use this character and click on the screen to drown zombies. 
  • U.F.O: U.F.O. works to revive. If you are out of monsters, this will help you revive them. 
  • Mecha: Using a sharp saw, it cuts through items. 
  • RiderZ: One of the features that can take care of many obstacles. Upgrade to be immortal when zombies turn into RiderZ.

Types of Vehicles

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie mod apk has a variety of vehicles, and they have different strengths. You can use them to your advantage and gain items. 

  • Dustbin: To take this one out, you will need at least 2 Zombies; you can get gold or add one member.
  • Car: Overthrow the car using four zombies, and you can add one member to the group. 
  • Bus: Need 8 zombies to destroy, collect two brains.
  • Tank: 12 zombies, plus three brains, are needed.
  • Airplane: When there are 16 zombies, you can destroy them to get four brains.

The Mission System

Zombie Tsunami mod apk has many different ways that you can earn rewards. Earning rewards is easy; all you need to do is complete a certain set of tasks. Tasks get upgraded as you progress in the game. Also, there are timely tasks that are most rewarding. Completing these time-limited missions will ensure you great rewards to enjoy. 

Mod Features

Zombie Tsunami will give you a chance to dive deep into the casual fun of taking over the city. The game has an engaging experience, but progressing gets tough later. You should try our mod version of the game to have unlimited fun. With our mod version of Zombie Tsunami apk, you will have additional features. 

  • Unlimited Resources

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.5.128

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK gives you a new perspective on the genre of zombie survival games. This game is based on endless running, and the task is to take control of the city. Have fun turning people into zombies and taking over different cities. If you liked this game, check out other exciting modded games and applications. 

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