Hills of Steel MOD APK v4.5.0  (Unlimited Coins)

Hills of Steel MOD APK v4.5.0 (Unlimited Coins)

Name Hills of Steel
Size 132.80M
Version 4.5.0
Publisher Superplus Games
Category Action
Updated On
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MOD Features Unlimited Coins

Android gaming is evolving as one of the options for competitive gamers. You can see a large section of players dedicated to going to competitions and the fun of playing. It’s becoming a hobby that requires some dedication, and you can find your way into the competitors. You can see how people are breaking records on GooglePlay just for fun. People who are not attending competition events compete online, setting records on Google Games. 

If you’re looking for a fun competition, you can go for casual-action games. Generally, these kinds of games don’t require you to practice certain skill sets; you need to be quick on your feet and have fun. Today we have brought you one game involving lots of tank action and casual fun. Hills of Steel mod apk is probably the most addictive physics-based tank action game on PlayStore. You can get your hands on 2-d tanks action and lots of fun. Let’s take a closer look at what this game is all about. 

Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel mod apk features 2D tank action. The game features tanks battling on different terrains. The game might look comical, but it has realistic physics simulation. Fight your enemies on hills and crush them with steel. Battle advance as you defeat enemies, and you can collect from the ones you beat. Upgrading tanks feature customization and special weapons. The battle is set in a challenging environment, and you must conquer it all with challenging opponents. 

Unlock new tanks as you progress in the game and enjoy the free action the game offers. The battlefield also varies from one fight to another as you progress. Battle & win against other tanks, earn money, and climb higher ranks. Remain active throughout the fights as it features continuous action and exciting armored tanks. Let’s take a look at the features of the game. 

Gameplay & Simple Interface

Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of steel mod apk offers you simple gameplay yet exciting warfare. The game is free to play. The game will impress you with realistic physics simulation, and you need to get a sense of it to shoot accurate bullets. Once you learn how to work with the game’s physics, you’ll advance the levels in no time. Pacing forward in the game will give you great rewards and unlock new tanks. You can use assets to buy special abilities. 

The game gives you the freedom to upgrade at your will. Once you start clearing level, you’ll be rewarded, and you can use the assets to improve your tank. All the tanks feature different capabilities. 

Tank System

Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel mod apk has a collection of tanks to choose from. You can even access the modern tanks and take them to war, and you can choose Croba, Joker, Titan, Reaper, Telsa, Mammoth, and Arachno. Each type of tank possesses unique weapons like you can take Cobra to fight with basic guns, or if you want a Gatling gun, you can use Reaper. You can find modern weapons in Telsa, which has electric discharge pillars, or Archano’s laser gun. 

For high mobility, you can use Cobra, but it has low damage. Joker and Phoenix are also good options if you are looking for tanks with mobility. Tanks with mobility are good at dealing continuous damage to the enemy. If you want to maintain a safe distance and inflict serious damage, you can choose Mammoth or Titanium; they come with a shield and healing. Reaper is a damage-inflicting tank and is said to have a “bloody” playstyle. Learn to use the tanks and find your suitable playstyle to dominate the battlefield. 

Many Fun Modes

Hills of Steel MOD APK

The game has the following play modes –

  • PvP mode – You can pick a fight with another player or go in battle with an AI. The battle will run for 60 seconds; if both tanks are not destroyed, the game will launch a “sudden death” within 30 seconds, which can inflict damage to your tanks if you’re not careful. Vehicles with lower blood pressure will count as losers at the end of the match. 
  • 2v2 mode – The 2v2 battle mode is multiplayer. You will require to have good coordination and support to win this one. Learn how to use both skills against your enemy to win the battle. 
  • Adventurous Mode – This mode is pure action. You are going against many tanks and will eventually face a powerful boss. There is no time limitation in this mode. You can revive your tank with a few gems if your tank is destroyed. 
  • Classic Mode – Classic gameplay is similar to adventure mode. You are going against AI tanks and a powerful enemy in this mode. A continuous fight that will continue until your tank is destroyed. In this mode, you will require to upgrade your tanks often as the level increases. Rewards are higher if you complete missions in classic mode. There’s a “boss only” mode in which you will be fighting against a series of bosses instead of fighting with different enemies. 


Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel mod apk has attractive graphics in a horizontal gameplay environment. The comical action will keep you engaged with your screen. The graphics are not so realistic, but the friendly gameplay never makes you stop playing it. A great diversity is found in tanks and environment designs with colorful terrain. Great detail of attention is put into providing you with a unique battlefield environment. 

Mod Features

Hills of Steel is an engaging tank fighting game that will give you a casual competitive environment. Sometimes progressing through the game can get tough, and you need to pay for upgrades. If you’re looking for an easier way to have the resources, you can use our mod version of the application. You will get the following features –

  • VIP unlocked
  • Unlimited Money/ Resources

Download Hills of Steel Mod APK

Hills of Steel is a physics-based addictive tank action game. The game has great graphics and an exciting battle environment that will keep you engaged on your screens. Unlock new tanks and update them to keep an upper hand on the battlefield. We hope you like the mod version of the game, and if you want more exciting mod games, keep in touch!

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