Magium MOD APK v2.12 (All Unlocked)

Magium MOD APK v2.12 (All Unlocked)

Name Magium
Size 7.48Mb
Version 2.12
Publisher Magium Games
Category Role Playing
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MOD Features All Unlocked

Have you ever been inspired by reading a story that you wish to live in the universe? Something that instantly inspires you and grabs your imagination. A story that seems so perfect that you relate to it in many aspects. Imagine all those stories where you could’ve made decisions that would have brought a better ending. Players can explore all those possibilities of novel stories if they play RPG-based text games on it. This is a new kind of genre that’s getting popular by the day. Developers are taking into account exploring every possibility that they can. If you’re a fantasy lover, you should give these games a try. 

Set a new narrative, play the brute leader, explore the secrets, and entertain every possibility. If you wish to look at what the other end of the novels could have, start these RPG games and enjoy the story over again. Start your new journey in this amazing text-based RPG novel game – Magium mod apk. With this game, you will enjoy a new way of interacting and reading novels. Explore the fantasy world powered by your imagination that you can conquer with your decisions. To know more about the game, follow us to the coming section of the article. 

Magium MOD APK

Magium mod apk is an amazing RPG game that doesn’t contain graphical or sound effects. This game is purely text-based, and some may put it – completely powered by your imagination. You can be the master of your destiny in this amazing fantasy adventure. 

In this game, you play as an ordinary guy Garry, that has the ambition to be a mage. To be a mage, you must participate in the mage tournament, where you compete against powerful opponents. What will this new journey add to your experience? The story is full of possibilities and tough decisions that you have to make. The game is going to provide you with an immersive experience as every choice is going to direct the direction of the game. Also, you will be rewarded for the right choices, and you can use these awards to increase your progress in the story. If you think you have what it takes to be the new mage, follow us to the next segment to understand the game’s story completely. 


The Magium mod apk story is based around the guy Garry. Garry set out on his journey to becoming the mage. This is not an easy goal as he needs to compete in the tournament of mages. This tournament will be deadly as it will have mages from all around the world who hold power that you have never heard of before. 

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At the very beginning of the story, you and the other participants are transported to the island where mages will conduct the tournament. The story is based in the medieval era, but the catch is that you will have technologically advanced-looking weapons. The weapon you will get to use in the tournament is the relics of an ancient advanced civilization. 

As the story progresses, you will get to meet amazing characters that are participating in this tournament. These new interactions will open up the possibility of making new friends or enemies, be careful with your decision to trust people. You will know more about the new continent you live on and its inhabitants. You will know that an ancient being, “The Creator,” worked to make this place, and it features many utopias where humans and animals lived in harmony. In earlier days of utopia, food was created with magic. As time passes, this place faces destruction, and that ancient utopian world is nowhere to be found. 

Ultimately you will have the choice to decide the destiny of this continent. Are you going to save these cities?

An Exciting Adventure

Magium mod apk is a novel-based game inspired by the popular Dragons and Dungeons. If you’re a fan of Dragons and Dungeons, you should play this game and explore the possibility of an exciting adventure. 

This game is going to be a collection of seven books. You can play the game for free without paying for the books. The first book for the game is completed, and it contains about 178k words. You can explore different possibilities in the game as the story is well-branched. Players showed their love for the game by giving it an excellent rating. 

Once you complete the first book of the game, you can continue to the next part. The second book of the game has more than 277k words. In the second book, the adventure opens new dimensions and possibilities that you can explore. It’s well-branched, and you will have to wait for the complete release of the third book. 

The third book is under work. This part will get chapter releases as the story writer and developers complete them. 

A World Full of Magic

In the Magium mod apk, you will discover the magic of different forms when the story unfolds. It’s your journey to become the best mage the world has seen, but it’s not going to be easy. You will compete with other mages using ancient technology that worked with magic. You must figure out ways to defeat these opponents. 

As you explore the magical continent, it will reveal new magical secrets you can use in tournaments. You can use the reward points to purchase new items in the game, which will boost your progress. 

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Mod Features

Magium is an amazing text-based RPG game that will unfold into new possibilities. You need to pay money to unlock future books in the game, but you don’t need to worry about that if you use our mod version. With our mod version of Magium apk, you will get the following additional features for free –

  • Money mod
  • All unlocked

Download Magium MOD APK v2.12

If you love reading novels, you should give Magium mod apk a try, and it will bring you a new experience of interacting with novels. You can direct the story of the novels according to your choice; if you’re ready to explore a new fantasy world based on Dungeons and Dragons, download this game. If you liked our mod version of this game, don’t forget to check out our other exciting modded applications and games. 

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