NU Carnival MOD APK v1.8.0 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

NU Carnival MOD APK v1.8.0 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Name NU Carnival
Size 146M
Version 1.8.0
Publisher NU Carnival
Category RPG
Updated On
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MOD Features Unlimited Money

Games are a major source of entertainment for many age groups. Games allow us to explore different realities resulting from someone’s imagination. Developers have worked on many amazing genres, and some amazing games resulted from mixing multiple genres. One of the most engaging genres is simulation games. Simulation games have no limitations when exploring ideas; they can be about truck driving, running a business, or any other genre. Simulation games allow players to look into the different lifestyles as they take on the role of businessman, baker, and other amazing characters on which the game is made. 

Studios like Carnival have gained their success by making games that most developers would deny making as they explore the world of animate romances. People loved the idea of playing a simulation game about action, interaction, romance, and many more. It’s not just about exploring ideas, but the visuals are enchanting. If you want such an engaging experience, try NU Carnival Mod APK. The game is based on a simulation action sequence with amazing graphics and character design. If you like watching anime, you will love this game, as the character design resembles anime style. 

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NU Carnival MOD APK

NU Carnival mod apk explores the world that is full of Husbandos. You might have heard of Waifus, the female character that gets an amazing fan following from the male audience. Waifus possess the characteristic of an ideal animated wife; similarly, husbando is a counterpart and represents a character that seems attractive and nice enough to be the perfect husband. 

Join the exciting journey and simulation gameplay with husbandos. Each character is more beautiful than the other. Design that makes a girl’s heart go flutter. The game has the possibility of attraction and interaction with the characters. If you play your cards right, you can have a romantic encounter with these characters. Try the game to see if you can feel the story and the characters. Have fun with engaging gameplay. 

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NU Carnival Mod APK features a modern world where the story is set. You will play as Eide, a young man who is a toy designer. You will meet an attractive male character in the game’s first few minutes. One day while our main character was working, he found an object that had something off about its gravity. As our character approached to hold the object in his hand, he was teleported to a fantasy world. You will meet many characters in the fantasy world, such as Huey’s summoners and other strange or not-so-strange characters. All characters will have different looks, powers, skills, and personality traits. All the characters in the fantasy world have the same purpose, which is somehow connected to your roots. 

A long way back, Klein Continent was attacked by terrible monsters. Fortunately, the great Mage Huey appeared and built five towers on five continents to save everything. The tower is magical and has a huge gem that allows it to seal the unbalanced things. The towers save the world from monster attacks. 

The peace couldn’t be kept forever, and the mage disappeared. The towers stopped functioning in the absence of the mage. Soon monster attacked and roam again on the planet. This time the monster came out strong and more powerful. The mage, before disappearing, left behind two powerful characters to find the world a new hero. As our main character enters the world, he is now destined to save the planet with the help of other attractive characters. 

In the coming segments, we will discuss the features of the game. 

Incredible Characters

NU Carnival mod apk stories start in a sex toy store where our main character Eden works. Coming in contact with a strange object, he is teleported to Klein world with NU Carnival characters. He’ll meet many amazing characters, such as Edmond, Eiden, Quincy, Yakumo, Morvay, Aster, Olivine, and others. These characters have different characteristics; some are werewolves others are warriors, vampires, and terrifying knights. You will get to interact with these characters and exchange gifts with them. 

Turn-Based Combat System

NU Carnival mod apk is not a typical dating game; you have a motive in the Klein world to save it from the monsters. The main part of Klein’s world is divided into four segments, Land of Water, Land of Light, Land of Jungle, and Dead Zone. Our characters have the chance to explore these lands and collect incredible heroes using the Gacha system. It would be best if you formed a team of powerful characters to challenge the monsters. The battles will be turn-based, and you can explore the characters’ powers in battles. 

Japanese Voice Cast

Nu carnival mod apk is a treat to the senses; the characters have more to them besides good looks. To make the playing experience more memorable, the characters are given sounds and a dressing sense. Japanese voice artists dub all the in-game characters, and we know how good they are at it. You will find the whole gameplay more engaging as the character have the appropriate sense to respond and react to situations. You will also find the same immersive experience if you try to play the side stories. The game has many adult H-scenes, which you can unlock by spending resources. 

Mod Features

NU Carnival is an amazing simulation game that is going to be a treat to players sense. The game isn’t fun if all of its features are not accessible. Try our mod version if you want complete access to the game without paying for it. You will have additional features with our mod version of Nu Carnival APK. 

  • Unlimited Resources
  • All Unlocked

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NU Carnival mod apk is a role-playing simulation game developed in Taiwan. The game has gained popularity because of smooth gameplay, impressive character designs, and other hidden features you can discover once you start playing. If you liked our mod version of the game, remember to check out our other modded applications and games. 

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