Trash Tycoon MOD APK v0.9.01 (Unlimited Money)

Trash Tycoon MOD APK v0.9.01 (Unlimited Money)

Name Trash Tycoon
Size 116.62M
Version 0.9.01
Publisher AlexPlay LLC
Category Simulation
Updated On
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MOD Features Unlimited Money

If you look at the number of waste people produce daily, it is nothing less shocking. Have you ever wondered how this trash is managed? It’s certainly not an easy task. That’s what simulation games are developed for, to provide you with engaging insight into different lifestyles. Nature lovers will love the game we have brought for you today. 

Get into the simulation world of waste management. A game that shows how challenging trash management can be if you don’t know how to do it. The simulation game we brought today will bring awareness of how you can damage nature. You will be more careful about disposing of waste if you learn to play this game. The game shows all the challenges and effects of improper waste management on the environment. You will be tasked to clean the world and have fun learning how you can save the environment by playing Trash Tycoon Mod APK. 

Trash Tycoon MOD APK Features

Trash Tycoon mod apk is a trash management game with amazing colors and graphics. You must manage the trash and make money out of it. The game is brought to you by AlexPlay LLC, known for creating the best simulation games. They provide a great perspective on another life through a simulation game. 

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We are sure you will love to engage in the money-making process of trash management. This game has an engaging interface and an excellent choice of colors. The game progress is also well managed, which will never let you get bored of the game. You will be cleaning out some of the dirtiest places on the planet and set off on your journey of becoming a millionaire tycoon in this game. Sell the trash by compressing them in cubicles. This game is not only about making money; you will be cleaning the dirtiest places on the planet. This gaming experience will give you great insight into how to save the planet from waste. Let’s now get into the details of what this game is all about. 

The Story

Trash Tycoon MOD APK

Entering the world of Trash Tycoon mod apk, you will inherit an abandoned landfill with your grandfather’s blessing. Your journey of becoming a tycoon will start from here. This dump is located around your home country’s outskirts, where trash is typically dumped. When you arrive at the inherited landfill, you will encounter a meeting with a family friend. The person you will meet is your grandfather’s assistant and a garbage collector. This experienced garbage collector will help to provide a perfect start to your journey. The story immediately dives into the money-making process. You will make your first penny using an old, manual compactor. Can you make yourself a successful business tycoon from here? Join the game to test yourself. 

How to Play

Trash Tycoon MOD APK

Trash Tycoon mod apk has different methods to manage waste. You need to collect waste and set up different machines/factories to manage them. Environmentalists will collect the trash that you collect and process. These environmentalists will recycle the trash for you and make the earth a better living place. Overall the gameplay is easy, and you progress through levels smoothly.

It is effortless to adjust to this gameplay style. You will compress your first block of trash using an ecoclicker. It’s all about how fast you can click; the faster you click, the more trash you collect. You can process and sell them to gain profit and build your empire. Watch the quote to pick the best moment to sell to the stock exchange. Make a good deal so that you can invest your profit into machinery. This investment will provide you with a larger and upgraded machine to repeat the process on a larger scale. 

A world to explore

Trash Tycoon MOD APK

If you get a good hold of the gameplay, the Trash Tycoon Mod apk has a world you can explore. If you succeed at making one place clean and profitable, you can move on to the next location. The game will take you to the city of Varanasi, the Mediterranean Sea, the Volcano Vesuvius, the Grand Canyon, the Rub al Khali desert, and many more locations you will see if you play the game. Dealing with different kinds of trash in different corners of the world will be troublesome, but remember, you can make money from it. If you want to become a true tycoon, become the best person to deal with trash from any part of the world. 

The Side Quests

Trash Tycoon MOD APK

Trash Tycoon mod apk provides you with many side quests you can try on if you get bored with the main gameplay. You can progress in the game by conducting archaeological mind excavations, which you can use to build better machinery. You can also invest your money into the laboratory to research new machinery and equipment types. 

You can upgrade your machinery if you’re making a good profit ratio out of your trash-converting process. You can fight for the best lots in the auction section to make an excellent profit.

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The main offshoot of the simulation world is the racing world. You will be a part of garbage truck races. You can collect your first truck from the trash and race your way to the elite racing worlds—a perfect side hobby to maintain if you have extra cash from profit. 

Ease of Play

Trash Tycoon MOD APK

Trash Tycoon mod apk doesn’t require a permanent internet connection to perform. It’s not one of those online games where every action is performed through the servers. You will require a network connection once to start the game, and then you can enjoy playing. Like every simulation game, certain processes will be completed even if you close the game. This game can be easily played using one hand, so you won’t require any special sitting to start playing. 

Mod Features

Trash Tycoon mod will enable you to progress through the game easily. You will enjoy the gaming experience even more with additional features than the original version. With our mod version, you will get the following features. 

  • Unlimited Money 
  • Unlimited Resources
  • No-advertisements.

Trash Tycoon MOD APK v0.9.01 Download

Trash Tycoon mod apk is an amazing trash management game. You will enjoy the high graphics and easy gameplay. The game doesn’t require prior experience to start playing. You will enjoy the money-making process of trash management and will love to explore its world of it. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we made it for you. 

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